Week of Love #1 | The Book Love Tag!

book love tag

And the countdown to Valentine’s Day starts. I thought it would be nice to do a week of Valentine’s Day/Love/Anti Valentine’s Day posts. This is a blog with hearts in the title after all so here’s the first one! Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much did this tag last week and I loved (hur hur) it so much that I just had to do it.

1. Favourite Book Couple

If you know me, you know what my answer will be. Sydrian forever and always. They’re one of my first OTPs before I even knew what shipping was but I felt it in my bones.

2. Top 3 Book Boy/girlfriends

Adrian Ivashkov, Carswell Thorne and Levi from Fangirl. Boom, easy.

3. Imagine your favorite book couple. Who would propose, and how? (If there’s already been a proposal: who would be more into organizing the wedding?)

Spoiler alert: they’re already married so LOL! It was a quick wedding though so I feel like Adrian would be so into organising a whole party… ok no maybe he’ll have the idea but then Sydney would plan the whole thing to perfection XD

4. A pairing you can’t stand.

So I just finished Heir of Fire (finally) and so I’m going to say Rowan and Celaena. I hated it. The whole book just set them up to be a couple but they work so well as a platonic pairing. Another one I can’t stand is Chaol and Celaena because I hate them both. PLEASE DON’T KILL ME.

5. What’s your favorite and least favorite romance trope?

Favourite is definitely enemies turned romance. I don’t know why but the chemistry between enemies is always really good and so it turning into romance is so fun to read about. I also like the complete opposite: friends turned romance. Love it when there’s a connection between the characters before the romance. Like 10 Things I Hate About You.

Least favourite is definitely love triangle or any sort of shape. Indecisiveness is something I really hate in characters. Love triangles are literally just the girl or guy going “Well, I like them but I also like them. OH NO WHAT SHOULD I DO???”

6. Do you ship non-canon couples often?

Hmmm, not really. I like to follow along the canon ones 😀  I totally just remembered who I really ship. Ben and Cassie from The 5th Wave!! I heard that they are not canon though and that makes me so sad because their chemistry is so good.

7. Opinion on love triangles. Go!

Hate them, please get them out of YA books.

8. Favourite and least favourite love triangles?

I’m stealing Catia’s answer and saying the love triangle in The Infernal Devices. It was just really well written and Tessa wasn’t really indecisive like the girl in my least favourite love triangle.

Another steal because it’s just so true: The Selection love triangle. Aspen is just so obviously the third wheel, why is he even trying. Also, he’s such an ass in The Selection why does America even consider him???

9. Sometimes romance isn’t the way to go. Favourite friendship?

I was going to say Thorne and Cinder but Catia already said it too and I’ve stolen way too many answers XD

I’m going slightly old school and saying Percy and Grover. Their banter and bromance in the PJO series was just so good!

10. What’s you favourite scene with your bookish OTP?

THE ENDING OF THE GOLDEN LILY, HANDS DOWN BEST SCENE EVER. The whole What you can drive manual??” thing just gave me all the feels. I must’ve read that bit a hundred times.

11. Imagine your favorite book couple again. Who’s most excited about Valentine’s Day (either ironically or genuinely)?

I feel like Sydney would be genuinely excited funny enough because she hasn’t had a lot of these kind of things in her life. Adrian would plan the whole day with like trips to the museum, looking at architecture and then eating a picnic inside the Ivaskinator… or maybe not because Sydney would kill someone if food was split inside that car XD


So I’m tagging:

Thuong @ I Read Therefore I Am

Lisa @ Remarkably Lisa

Aentee @ Read at Midnight

Feel free to ignore this if you’ve done it or if you don’t want to do it!

In other news, I MADE AN INSTAGRAM! Check it out here! It’s pretty bad right now… got any photography tips?


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is disappointed real life high school did not involve as much singing and dancing. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

8 thoughts on “Week of Love #1 | The Book Love Tag!”

  1. Aw I actually really like Celaena and Chaol! Wasn’t a fan of Dorian. It’s a bit annoying that Sarah J Maas decided to pair Celaena with this Rowan. Need to read the rest of the Throne of Glass series at some point! I could not get through Golden Lily, just found that it dragged on and on, however, I did read the last few pages and I enjoyed that last scene 🙂
    Thanks for the tag!

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