Review Outlines:

Genres I Mostly Read:

  • YA
    • Dystopian
    • Fantasy
    • Contemporaries
  • New Adult (depends on the story)

Genres I Tend to Stay Away From:

  • Horror
  • Non Fiction

My reviews are my own honest opinion and thoughts. They’re usually in this format:

  • Title in bold
  • Author
  • Series and number (if applicable)
  • Month and year released

I read books at my own pace which means some books are finished in a day, others a month.

Rating System

5/5 bamboo sticks

It’s a hearted book.

4/5 bamboo sticks

It was really good.

3/5 bamboo sticks

Hmmm… it was ok.

2/5 bamboo sticks
Not good.

1/5 bamboo sticks

Just wasted hours of my life.





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