10 Second Reviews: The Movie Edition

I have a feeling that this will become a common feature on my blog just because I’m so lazy to write the reviews I SHOULD be writing… which I will be writing just not today XD I did watch a few movies this week so here we are:

Finding Dory – Ellen Degeneres

Tears, laughter and an epic echolocation scene. This movie played with my emotions but I loved it.

Me Before You- Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin

Wasn’t as a good as the book, there I said it. It also wasn’t bad it’s just ok. The soundtrack is amazing though, give it a listen.

Independence Day: Resurgence – Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth 

So I’ll just put my tweet right here:

Got bored by the first hour, the plot was so weak and if you’ve seen the first one it’s basically the same… minus Will Smith.

So have you seen any of these movies? What new films did you like? Let me know! More book reviews are definitely coming up so come back soon 😀

♥ Prima


Weekly A-Z | A week of movies and Youtube

weekly a-z

I post a lot of reviews, book tags and book lists and stuff so I thought it would be nice to make a non bookish feature for this blog. Introducing, Weekly A- Z where I’ll write up this week according to the alphabet. I think it’ll be more interesting than listening to me blabbering on! Side note: not all the letters will be filled. My week is never that interesting so I’ll still have to include some bookish stuff LOL

A – Australian weather because I can’t handle the heat and then the cold.

B – Backl15t Blitz: It’s a readathon that I co organised with Amy from Book Enthral. Go check out my post on it here and Amy’s post here.

– (The) Dressmaker! It’s an amazing Aussie film with Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth and it’s just shot so well. The cinematography gets two thumbs up from me! The Dressmaker was a really quirky story, definitely need to read it soon 😀

E – Eddie the Eagle omfg I need to watch it.

G – Galaaaavant!!!

H – Home by Gabrielle Aplin. Just an amazing song.

K – Kira’s back bitches. And her kitsune too!

L – Late night reading for the readathon 😀

M – Madame Antoine! I just watched the first 2 episodes of this drama and it was fabulous. The story is basically a sham fortune teller and a clinical psychologist meet and butt heads. True love right there 😉

P – Phildonalds. Also, Dan and Phil posting so many videos makes me so happy.

S – Simon played by Alberto Rosende. He’s my new obsession XD Scratch that I love the whole cast of Shadowhunters. I found the most fabulous pic for this one.

T- Teen Wolf. Honestly, what else would be on T? This week’s episode was freaking amazing.

V- Vacation ending. Going back to school next week 😦

That’s it from me this week! Tell me what your Weekly A-Z would be!


TTT: Movies That Should Be Turned Into Books

top ten tuesdays blue

That’s right, movies into books, no it wasn’t a typo.

There are so many books that have been turned into movies eg. basically all of the YA offerings. But what movie has been turned into a book? I know there’s the bad novel tie ins but I mean what if the movie’s characters and settings were used to make a book? So for this Top Ten freebie, I’m going to talk about why these following movies should be turned into books.

1. Mean Girls

Imagine a first person POV straight into Cady’s head and seeing how she changes and her character development. Also “You can’t just ask why someone’s white, Karen”

2. She’s the Man

Personally, I haven’t come across any gender bender stories and She’s the Man just does it so well. It’s adorable and the MC is really likable… it could easily be a contemporary! Amanda Bynes nailed it (refer to the gif above)

3. Mirror, Mirror

It’s not one the of the best movies out there but its setting is amazing. From the costuming to the “mirror” house to Snow White fighting, it put a great twist into the Snow White story.

4. Kingsman

This movie was just a bunch of fun. It’s a spy movie that isn’t serious and it shows from just the whole absurdity of the plot. I feel like Kingsman would be a contemporary however funny that sounds.

5. Suddenly 30

Jennifer Garner just made Suddenly 30 so good. It’s a coming of age story just that the MC goes from 13 straight to 30. I feel like it would make a really nostalgic book and it can be read by anyone basically from the ages of 13 to 30 😀

6. Enchanted

It’s basically a fairytale parody but with all the good fairytale things. This one would definitely be a 3rd person POV just so we can get inside the heads of everyone from the sweet innocent Giselle to the cynical of love stories Robert. Also “No, no don’t sing. Just walk” and “What they know this song too?”. Robert is actually me in a Disney movie.


What movie do you think would make a good book? What was your freebie for this week? Tell me all about it!


Happy Hour: Chick Flicks

happy hour

For those days where you don’t know what to post about your main topic, here’s my new weekly meme Happy Hour right here at panda hearts books. What’s it about? Anything that has made your week better or maybe worse. A song that’s stuck in your head, an awesome video you watched, something cool that happened this week. Post anytime about anything. Link back to panda hearts books and post a link to your post in the comments. Have fun 😀

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City of Bones: 2 Weeks Left!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) Poster2 WEEKS LEFT!! YAY!!! Ok so to celebrate this monumental occasion, there’s two things I want to share with you. First, here’s my friend’s depiction of Clary and Jace.


It highlights the most prominent features such as the eyebrows and the cheekbones. So accurate. Anyway there’s also a 5 min preview that Yahoo released. Click here to watch this awesome video. The movie come out on the 22nd August 2013.