KPOP…YES!! | Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout

Hello, I Love You

Goodreads | Author 
Publication Date: 9th June 2015
Rating: 3/5 bamboo sticks
Grace Wilde is running—from the multi-million dollar mansion her record producer father bought, the famous older brother who’s topped the country music charts five years in a row, and the mother who blames her for her brother’s breakdown. Grace escapes to the farthest place from home she can think of, a boarding school in Korea, hoping for a fresh start.

She wants nothing to do with music, but when her roommate Sophie’s twin brother Jason turns out to be the newest Korean pop music superstar, Grace is thrust back into the world of fame. She can’t stand Jason, whose celebrity status is only outmatched by his oversized ego, but they form a tenuous alliance for the sake of her friendship with Sophie. As the months go by and Grace adjusts to her new life in Korea, even she can’t deny the sparks flying between her and the KPOP idol.

Soon, Grace realizes that her feelings for Jason threaten her promise to herself that she’ll leave behind the music industry that destroyed her family. But can Grace ignore her attraction to Jason and her undeniable pull of the music she was born to write? Sweet, fun, and romantic, this young adult novel explores what it means to experience first love and discover who you really are in the process.

So if you’re friends with me on Goodreads you might’ve seen me rate this 5 stars right after I finished it. But now its more of a 3.5 star book. I’m really confused by my feelings on this book because at first it was like Hello, I Love You and right now it’s more like Hello by Adele. It’s just that kind of book where with more thought, it’s pretty bad but straight after you just love it. (P.S This seems like a good time to use my kdrama tagged gifs)

Fangirl Points

  • Thank god that Jason was awesome. I’m a kdrama lover and so I’m pretty addicted to the concept of cold guy turns into a lovable piece of fluff. Also, diverse love interest for the win! There’s close to no Asian love interests in YA fiction, at least in the mainstream reads so it was really exciting to read one finally.
  • It’s a really light read, I finished it in probably a few hours. It’s a good book to read after those really heavy books just to clear up your mind. The plot is supper fluffy, the characters are pretty enjoyable and it makes you learn about Korean culture. Also, I’m a sucker for hate to love relationships!

  • Re-readability is pretty high. I’ll probably end up reading it mid year and love it a bit more XD I simultaneously hate and love this book. I know it’s crap but I enjoyed it a lot. Let me just hide in shame. It’s a lot like kdrama actually. It’s bad but addictive…

Cranky Points

  • Grace was pretty annoying let’s be honest. The whole first half of the book is basically her hating on everything Korean and then the next half is her just loving everything Korean. I honestly don’t like her as a character and she isn’t a memorable character either. Come to think about it, none of these characters really stand out. They’re all very 2D.
  • Too much America, not enough Korea. See, Grace does this thing where she sees something and just compares it to the stuff she has in America. I mean, yes, most people would do that but she just does this for THE WHOLE BOOK. Does she really even want to be in Korea??? STOP TRYING TO LEAVE KOREA AND THEN WANT TO STAY THERE THE NEXT SECOND. Make up your mind!!
  • I kind of wanted more cheesy romance. I went into this expecting it to be a kdrama in book form so I was pretty disappointed. Who doesn’t love a cheesy romance every once in a while?

  • I feel like it was trying to be the Asian Anna and the French Kiss, which I do appreciate in a way but mostly just no. Grace does a lot of the “Where is my true home?” kind of thing that Anna does and that really made me annoyed because I’m not here to read an Anna 2.0 as much as I’d like that.

TL;DR: A wannabe Anna and the French Kiss that doesn’t quite reach it. Just go watch a KDrama, that’s basically what this book tries to be.


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

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