Day 6 | Australia Day is my excuse


The Backl15t Blitz read-a-thon is organised by Prima @ Panda Hearts Books and Amy @ Book Enthral it is a 10 day low pressure read-a-thon running from Thursday, January 21st to Sunday, January 31st in whatever timezone you are in. The goal is to read as many books you own, that were published in 2015, as you can in 10 days!

Actually, I didn’t do much today. Instead of doing all the typical Australia Day things like barbeque, going to the beach, swimming, I went to art galleries instead because I am cultured as hell XD It was way too hot to be doing outdoor things anyway! Book wise, I didn’t read a lot today but I’m really liking Ten Thousand Skies Above You so far… the 100 pages I’ve read.

Day 6

Pages read: 97 today, 1275 total

Books read: 0 today, 3 total


Author: Prima @ Panda Hearts Books

Lover of books, rom coms and chocolate. I also spend way too much time on the internet.

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