First Thoughts on Shadowhunters

I haven’t written a review on a book adaptation for a while because none have excited me more than this show. Yesterday was the premiere of Shadowhunters, which I totally legally watched (guys Australian TV sucks, also Foxtel would be wasted in my household). It’s also the second attempt at bringing City of Bones to life. Well, we all know the movie was crap so the TV show had an easy job to do. I’m happy to say, thank god, that it was much better and while it’s a lot different from the books, it has a lot of potential if you don’t compare the two. And thank god they released the 2nd episode online already because I loved that one more.


It’s not perfect but we got an awesomer Isabelle, we got a more adorable Simon, we got a hot Alec but most importantly, we got a snarkier Jace. Book Jace is a pretty great character for me because of his sarcastic nature and Movie Jace was not. Dominic Sherwood really nails the character and the script has written Jace with much more sass and I like it.

Movie Isabelle and Simon were great, don’t me wrong, but in the TV show they’re AMAZING. Isabelle is really sexy and she works it. Her scenes with Simon just make me ship them so much more. Simon is surprisingly ever better than Movie Simon probably because he gets all the best lines. I have to give it to Alberto Rosende for playing him in such a geeky, adorable manner. Like we know he’s hot but he still manages to be geeky adorable. We get this amazing scene where Jace grabs Simon’s hand and then:

“Buddy! What’s going on? I’m not your type man!”

Yes. That was my favourite quote of the first 2 episodes.

We don’t really get a lot of the other characters in the pilot but I’m looking forward to watching Harry Shum Jr’s Magnus.

I have to talk about Clary. She’s pretty wimpy in the first episode but since her mum got kidnapped and she just found out about the Shadow world I’m fine with it. But there’s just something off about her character.

Dialogue and Script

The character I had the most problems with was definitely Clary. I don’t think that the actress is the problem but the dialogue was just horrible. Onto the not so good stuff aka the script. It was crap, to say in simply. I didn’t mind that they changed stuff like Luke’s job or had some new characters like Dot or even The Institute, where they had like a billion shadowhunters and all this high tech crap. I was still ok with The Institute.

I was not ok with the whole world being introduced in the span of basically 20-40 minutes over 2 episodes.

There was way too much info dumping. Then we have the scene where Jace bumps into Clary for the first time and it goes down like this:

“Hey watch it!”

“You can see me?”

“I think that’s sort of the point.”

“You have The Sight.”

Mmm, yes the natural progression for that conversation, nice talking skills you got there Jace. Here’s some photographical proof this was dialogue.

There’s just too much going on. We have Clary finding out about the Shadow world, we have some murder mystery stuff going on with Luke as a policeman. We have Valentine in Chernobyl (ok sure..) kidnapping Jocelyn and Dot and experimenting with mundane blood. We really only needed the Clary storyline for the first episode. It’s just too fast paced that we don’t really get any connection with the characters which was what I wanted the most.

Verdict: Will continue to watch it because it has a LOT of potential. A lot of the fandom will probably hate it because of its major differences to the source material but it stands pretty strong as a show alone. 

So have you seen Shadowhunters yet? If yes, what were your thoughts on the first and/or second episode? What would you rate it? Let me know!



Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

12 thoughts on “First Thoughts on Shadowhunters”

  1. I don’t have problems with the changes to the story so much as the visuals and the dialogue. I know that their budget wasn’t huge but the show was edited really sloppy with weird transitions, had terrible CGI and the weapons looked like plastic which made the fight scenes look odd. Other than that I had fun, I LOVE Simon and Alec. Clary I am not a fan of though …

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    1. The visuals were so bad but honestly, I just shrugged it off because it’s a TV show, didn’t expect much.The show is really let down by the post production.
      And YES what is it about Clary that just makes her not likable in the show?

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      1. Well, with Game of Thrones and stuff like that looking better than some movies at the moment, I expect a lot from TV shows in that department hahaha but I studied Film, TV and Media production, so that could come into play as well.
        Clary is terrible and her chemistry with Jace is just off. I think she is so different from the book too, like what’s up with her sexy clothing?


      2. Yep, exactly my point! Clary always felt uncomfortable in Izzy’s clothes and sort of exposed and now she is wearing a see-through top out of her own volition, that’s just weird …
        Yeah … I hope they get a bigger budget for CGI next season!

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    1. You definitely can hold me to that. Movie Jace was horrible. Like he was so bland. TV Jace at least has a bit of spice. Jace just felt more like Jace in the show! Tell me what you think about him after watching it 😀

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