Off Topic: The TV Edition

off topic

Why am I writing a post about TV shows? BECAUSE TEEN WOLF CAME BACK THIS WEEK THAT’S WHY. And I watched Happyland which I’m also going to talk about.

Teen Wolf Season 5B

I know I’m a bit late but I only got around to watching the episode yesterday. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I love this show but I honestly didn’t remember anything that happened in the midseason finale. All I remember was basically Hayden “dying” and then Liam rages and “kills” Scott. I hate midseason finales. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH ENDING ON A CLIFFHANGER AND COMING BACK HALF A YEAR LATER! 

I don’t know what to feel in this episode because I was really happy to see the pack all back (that rhyme though) but I had no idea what was happening. The pack’s all over the place and I just want them together. Lydia in Eichen House and Hayden is not with the pack and Liam is still awkward around Scott … just no, my babies need to be together 😦

This episode hit me right in the feels with Sheriff Stilinski. Guys, that end scene with Stiles and Sheriff was 10 seconds long but it was the best moment of the whole episode. The parent-child relationships in Teen Wolf are just so great. The midseason finale ended with Melissa saving Scott and then we get Stiles saving Sheriff in this ep. Ugh, my heart.

The biggest thing I was thinking about was where was Kira?? I know when she comes back though, it’ll be epic. Also, how can we kill the Dread Doctors because, come on they’re invincible at this point.


So Happyland is also an MTV show but it got cancelled after 8 episodes. I get why but I feel like it could’ve become an amazing show. Me being the person I am, watched all 8 episodes in one night and became addicted before realising that’s it. That was all the episodes I was getting which sucks because it does not tie up anything.

I love the premise of the show, how manufactured happiness is in theme parks and it’s not so discrete satire at Disney. We get some great scenes like character training which was the best scene. A guy had to judge the girl’s eyelash batting for her to pass and become a character. I’m dead.

In typical MTV fashion, it has a lot of making out, parties, romance… did I mention making out? Like honestly, this show is just making out. The main girl makes out with everyone, the main guy makes out with everyone, everyone makes out with everyone. Relationships literally just pop out of nowhere.

The plot felt way too rushed and paired with a “Are they siblings?” plotline, it might’ve been why people were turned off. I stayed for the abs obviously XD MTV knows how to pick its actors!


Anyways, thanks for sticking around to read my rants. Probably will be back next week with a post about the Shadowhunters show, which better be awesome… or else…

So what TV shows did you watch this week?



Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

17 thoughts on “Off Topic: The TV Edition”

    1. Yeah, I definitely agree! To beat the Dread Doctors, they’ll have to be the strongest they’ve been. I’m really excited to see the full powers of Lydia and Kira… hopefully by the end of this season XD

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      1. I’m hoping he turns out to be good and work with Scott’s pack to take the Dread Doctors down! The other chimeras are awesome.I’m really excited to see what Hayden’s special thing is. I also love Corey, the chameleon one. He’s just too pure to be part of Theo’s pack TT.TT

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I AM SO BEHIND ON TEEN WOLF WHAT EVEN? I have only watched the first two seasons, because at the time the third one wasn’t out on DVD yet. And then I watched all my other shows, and I have never come back to it D: But I intend to, I promise! I liked it far too much not to.

    Ah, I have heard some pretty good things about the theme park show! And it’s sad it got cancelled after looking like it had so much promise 😦 I HATE IT WHEN GOOD SHOWS ARE CANCELLED.

    I’m currently watching the third and final season of Under the Dome, which has really gone downhill. The first two seasons are EPIC, but this one … not so much. Which is super disappointing 😦 After this I am going to watch the second season of Beauty & the Beast 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THE 3RD SEASON IS ACTUALLY THE BEST! Honestly, it’s got the best storyline so far. Can’t wait for you to watch it!
      Happyland was pretty good. I was so sad about it being cancelled 😦 I hope you watch the eps that were released though so we can share thoughts on it.
      Under The Dome sounds really interesting but I feel like I would be way too scared to watch it. Yes, I am a big wimp XD
      I need to start watching Beauty and the Beast! It looks like my type of show 😀


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