The Feels and Spoilers on Winter

Lunar Chronicles Characters by lostie815

[The art on the first half of the post is taken from lostie815 on DeviantArt. The second half is from taratjah. They both do amazing fanart, go check them out!]

Here’s the SPOILERFUL review I promised. If you haven’t read Winter, go read it and come back and discuss. The post also became a board for some amazing fanart because, ugh, the fanart for the series is disgusting amazing. 

The last 100 or so pages were easily my favourite, purely because it was the resolution I really wanted. All the romances were sealed (thank god) and we get to see Cinder claim her birthright. Winter was way too long. Just to give you an idea, I sat in my bed reading it from 8pm to around 12am and then sat on the floor the next day for another 5 hours. There were bits that where I felt like I wanted to skip it like that Adri and Pearl scene and Winter’s hallucinations (which I liked but didn’t like, more on this below)

[This pic came from MeridanGrayDraws]

Before I start babbling on about the couples, I’m gonna talk about the story resolution. I had no idea how Kai and Cinder’s romance would work if she stayed and became the Lunar queen but I should’ve known better. Of course she wouldn’t become queen forever, Cinder is much too good for that. I had weird moments when I thought Marissa Meyer would pull a Divergent on us and kill Cinder off.

Before I start on the OTPs, can I just ask if anyone else felt the sparks between Iko and that Kinney guard. They hate each other but it felt like it was an “I hate you, but I love you” kind of thing. Anyone??? Also, Iko needs her own series, we need her to have her own series. She is literally all the Lunar Chronicles fangirls as a book character, especially with her fangirling over Kai and Thorne XD

The android, still on the floor, shrugged apologetically. “I would love to give you a good bye kiss, Captain, but that lingering embrace from His Majesty may have fried a few wires and I’m afraid a kiss from you would melt my internal processor”

This book really made me feel for Levana. I love to hate her but Winter really pushes the point that she honestly thinks she’s doing a good job and her past has no love at all. Not to say that I’m sad she’s dead, I’m just glad that we got to see her as a person. I love how Cinder’s processor was able to see Levana’s true face and expose it but I also pity her so much because she relies so much on her beauty. She’s a very interesting character that’s not the typical villain.

Thorne and Cress easily had the cutest scenes. The scene where he finally gets his eyesight back was perfect. Then when Cress gets separated from the crew, Thorne’s obvious distress just made me so happy. And let’s not forget the Lunar party scene/heavy makeout scene. When Thorne just kissed Cress and basically admits his love, I had to take a moment to fangirl. Thorne is also comedic relief along with Iko and I love it.

Thorne’s voice pitched high in imitation of the queen. “I am a psychotic, power hungry nut basket and my breath smells really bad under this veil”

Cress gets shit done in this book and I love it. She literally hacks into everything and without her, the whole mission would’ve definitely failed. In the last book, she didn’t have any tech to play with but now that she does, wow does she use it.

See I don’t really like Wolf and Scarlet (that alpha line… Just no) but I have to about them. As individuals, I like them. Scarlet goes through really tough situations from being tortured to being kept in captivity, she’s got the short stick for everything in the series. What I love about her is her resilience. After Jacin helps her escape with Winter she immediately takes charge and gets them both out of Artemisia even though she must be so hungry and tired.

Wolf is just such a tragic character. His mum dies fighting for the rebellion which was just like WHY??? Then he gets caught by the Lunars and then get altered even more into a beast, again WHY??? It must be so hard for him to keep being controlled by the thaurmatuges over and over again with no escape. I’m so happy with his ending, Scarlet and him have totally deserved to live a peaceful life on the Benoit farm. Their devotion to each other is just so strong and it’s really enjoyable to read about.

Jacin is the best. Yes, he may have betrayed the crew but it’s alright because he did it for Winter. In Cress, we see him as a very cold personality but around Winter, he’s the most protective person ever. It’s so adorable how he tries to resist Winter’s charms and honestly just fails. I’m such a sucker for friends turned lovers because it’s always so fun to read how they fall for each other.

Winter is a very quirky character and I like it. She was so sweet and kind that you couldn’t help but love her. Her hallucinations on the other hand… there were just so many. The book was already so long and reading through her hallucinations really made no progress on the plot. On the other hand I really liked them, the blood running down the castle walls, the girl of ice.

Ok, can we just talk about Kai and Cinder now?

“But I have to ask if” – Kai hesitated- “if you think, someday, you might consider being an empress”


That last scene with the cyborg foot, omg the feels. I loved the throwback to the first book when Kai bangs the netscreen, it just really brought that full circle and it was spectacular, my inner fangirl couldn’t handle it. The ending was perfect although a wedding might’ve been even better… Maybe in a novella? Also if Cinder is abdicating her throne and becomes a Lunar ambassador, just imagine all the things they can do together now. Ok, I need a novella for just all the couple things they’d do XD

And so I say goodbye to another great series that I have enjoyed from start to finish. Everytime I think about it now, I will know that all the characters have gotten their happy endings.


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