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So fellow readers, my question is: what do you use to keep track of your books and series? Also how do you find books?

I’ve been finding a lot of things about series I really like that I had no idea about. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen tweets along the lines of “What… how did I not know that -book name- was coming out in a week? I love this series!”. That was posted right after I found out that Daisy and the Frontman was coming out in a week, and then again for The Ugly Stepsister by Aya Ling and then just yesterday when I found out about the Paper Gods novella. For all three times I was like

So what do I use to keep track of my books?


It’s the go to book site for me. Everything is on it and it’s easy to navigate and whatnot. I love how it’s like a bookish Facebook of sorts. There’s friends, there’s giveaways (although mostly for the US -cries-), it’s just a great site.


Seeing that I have an iPod, I would say I use iBooks quite a lot. It’s convenient and can store heaps of books in a small space. The iBookstore is where I like to just browse through random books I might buy in physical copy. I love the lists on the store because it gives me a visual view of books, making it quicker to figure out which books I’ve read and which I haven’t. Mostly, I find a lot of novellas from it.


While it has that advantage of getting a book before the release date (which is always so exciting) I find that it’s actually more useful for finding new books. For me, Goodreads is the place where I keep track of read series and Netgalley is where I try to find new reads.

So guys, tell me down below what your favourite book sites are and how you keep track of your series. Also, I’m just interested to hear what features you would want on your book sites. Let me know!


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  1. I tend to discover new books in the goodreads newsletter. If you show that you have a particular preference, they’ll send you a list of new releases every month.

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