Shadowhunters… Where Do You Stand?

After the failed movie adaptation of City of Bones, it turns out that its being turned into a TV show. It’s not a recent decision but most of the cast has been announced recently and here’s just some thoughts I’m having right now.

  • Oh god, another one?
  • Hey Clary will actually have the red hair I imagined!
  • Are they gonna recap the whole first book or just start off where the movie finished?
  • Hahah, Christian is blond.
  • Well, this will either be horribly disastrous or amazingly wonderful.
  • (It better be freaking awesome)

I feel like the show is much more well casted than the film, going off purely appearance. I mean, Dominic Sherwood aka the guy playing Jace looks much more suitable for the role. He has a more Jace feel to me than the other guy did. Same goes for Katherine McNamara aka the girl playing Clary. That glorious red hair!!!

IKatherine McNamara‘m kinda reluctant to get excited over Shadowhunters, mainly because I got such feels off the movie trailer and the movie was crap. I am excited about Dominic Sherwood though because he was Christian Ozera in the Vampire Academy movie and Christian is a pretty similar charcter to Jace in their mannerisms and such. Hopefully he does the character justice. Plus he was in Taylor Swift’s “Style” and it was amazing so bonus points.

Let’s talk about the other cast. Who I’m really excited to see is Harry Shum Jr playing Magnus because movie Magnus was kinda iffy. The rest of the cast includes Matthew Daddario (Alec) who’s Alexandra Daddario aka the girl who played Annabeth in the Percy Jackson movies brother, Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle) and Alberto Rosende (Simon). Let’s just say everyone in the cast is hot so this is gonna be one good looking show.

Plotwise, I think I’d really want the show to base their mythology right off the book unlike the movie. Really I just want something that wasn’t the movie.

So what are your thoughts on the new tv show. It doesn’t come out till 2016 but I’ll definitely be waiting for it. My excitement on it however… well I’ll make that decision after the first trailer comes out!


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

6 thoughts on “Shadowhunters… Where Do You Stand?”

  1. I’m kind of excited but like you said the movie was crap and … I’m just trying to rein in my excitement! My heart can’t take all the disappointments (that’s not a word is it..)! 😛

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    1. Lol you welcome 😀
      I don’t think I could bear it if the TV show is bad too… I just desperately want a good solid show that didn’t mess around with the world like the movie did. Is that too much to ask, ugh.

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  2. I heard about the planned TV show! Can’t say I feel excited about it, but then again, I haven’t even read City of Bones yet, haha. But I have to admit that the prospect of Harry Shum Jr. acting in it is cool. ;D Also, the actress for Clary is so pretty! I love her hair, oh my god. I find it interesting how YA lit seems to be spreading to different forms of media — first movies, then graphic novels, and now TV shows. Just goes to show how influential the genre is.

    Anyhoo, even though I’m not sure I’ll watch it, I really do hope that the show turns out better than the film. I’ve heard lots of people complain about the film too, which is such a shame, because the trailers made it look so good. Crossing my fingers for ya!

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    1. I’m so in love with the girl’s hair omg, the vibrance!!! YA is just crawling into everything nowadays… you could actually make a genre in movies for it. I feel like it’s because it’s so easily relatable to and there’s deep emotions involved for contemporaries and for dystopians and fantasy, they have that amazing world building movies love to have.
      City of Bones is a book people either hate or love. I mean I’ve some friends that tell me it’s boring and some think it’s the best… As for the TV show, I’m definitely rooting for it!


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