Going Through a (Con)Temporary Addiction

One of the Guys by Lisa AldinJesse's Girl by Miranda KenneallyAimee and the Heartthrob by Ophelia LondonThe Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie WestMia and the Bad Boy

Guys, I’m in a crisis right now.

I’m reading way too much contemporary.

It’s not a bad thing I know, but I really want to read something in fantasy or paranormal maybe even dystopian but my brain is telling me “NO MUST READ CONTEMPORARY” because its worried that I will hate the fantasy/paranormal book I’l read and I’ll go back to my anti-reading of last year.

Contemporaries are just so addictive though. They’re so easy to get through because they’re light and fun.. They feel like warm butter on the crunchy toast of fantasy, something to keep things interesting. It’s not a matter of how many days will I need to finish them, it’s a matter of how many hours they will last. They’re so easy to get through and I’ve gotten lazy to get through fantasy introductions. It’s not my fault that contemporaries are just so cute and fluffy and adorable…

I love fantasy and dystopian and paranormal but the problem is, I can’t find any that I want to read. So to all you book lovers out there, recommend me your favourite fantasy, dystopian and/or paranormal reads or I’l be forever drowning in the contemporary feels.


Author: Prima @ Panda Hearts Books

Lover of books, rom coms and chocolate. I also spend way too much time on the internet.

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