Dear Love Triangles…

[So found this sitting in my drafts for a few months. It wasn’t posted because it was right before my blogging drought. Thought it’s be cool to put up now. Enjoy :D]

I’ve been itching to write this for so long and I think it’s time I told you something, love triangles.

Dear Love Triangles,

You suck. Really. I mean, why you gotta be so triangly? What’s wrong with just being a line? With one person being on either side? Being the three sided shape you are, there’s always one person being left out and that’s not cool, Love Triangles. Why can’t everyone be happy?

Then there’s also your rising fame. I’m not jealous, really I’m not, but do you have to be in every movie I watch? Can’t a teen like me just have movies about strong female characters that aren’t chained to guys on either side? That sort of negates the point of her being strong and independent!!! I get that a girl can have options but if she’s leading one of them on, that is cruel and selfish of her.

Finally, here’s the last thing I’ve got to tell you. I don’t want to choose between who I really want to pick. I should be able to root for just one guy and grow to love him. I want just one guy to be developed as a romantic interest, not two. Why have choices if you know the MC is gonna end up with only one of them! Truly, LT, you really are just a way of making stupid pointless plot.

Your not so loving panda,



Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

6 thoughts on “Dear Love Triangles…”

  1. Yay confetti!! Congrats on a year! 😀

    I can be swayed by a love triangle.. if it’s handled well. But so often it’s just so blindingly obvious who the protagonist will actually end up with, or how it will happen, and I think it just needs to be made more realistic! Love triangles happen.. but never like in da bookz.

    Happy Blog Birfday!


    1. Thank you very much for reading! The problem with love triangles is that they’re either too obvious or just annoyingly indecisive…my friend just told me about The One by Kiera Cass and it seems like the love triangle is the latter one.


  2. Happy first birthday! 😀 That’s awesome ^.^
    And YES to everything in your letter. I cannot stand love triangles, especially if the girl is just being a jerk to one of the guys and completely leading him on even thought she KNOWS she will pick the other guys. So much hate. SO much hate.
    I much prefer it when there is one love interest who is really fleshed out, and where their relationship develops and I am simply CONVINCED that they should be together.
    I definitely think you should keep writing letters! They’re fun and quirky 😀


    1. EXACTLY!! See this is why I can’t get into books with love triangles. I have no respect for the girl however cool she is. Then there’s the problem of the book making a love triangle without the girl being a jerk which somehow just makes it worse cuz she’s leading on both of them. Anyway thank you for reading this post and sharing your ideas!


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