Wrap It Up: December #1

wrap it up

It’s December, guys! It’s almost the end of the year which is sad but kinda awesome too. I love the little end of year things people come up with. Spotify reminded me of my 2014 music tastes (mostly pop but I already knew that), DJ Earworm mash-uped the top songs into one supersong (video above) and my Goodreads reading challenge is barely completed. Seriously though, how do you even read more that a book a week. I tried and it was just hard work because you had to find the book then read it then review it then start the cycle again. To those who have finished their challenges of 100 books or whatever, you have my deepest respect.

Anyways onto this week’s stack:

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers – So I haven’t read Dark Triumph, but I’ve read the first book Grave Mercy and I loved it. So far I’m loving Mortal Heart as well but I was spoiled before I read it so I kinda knew what happened. CURSE YOU SPOILERS!!!

I have a new movie to look forward too as well. I’m kinda obsessed with the trailer and I might or might not have watche it 100 times already. Not joking, this is the next Mean Girls… or it could be crap who knows? Will probably have a post just fangirling about this trailer.

That’s all from me this week. I’d love to hear what you guys have done this week. Maybe you’ve put up a Christmas tree? Comment down below!



Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

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