Let’s Talk About: The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder

The Probability of MiraclesGoodreads| Author

Campbell Cooper has never been in love. And if the doctors are right, she’ll never have the chance. So when she’s told she needs a miracle, her family moves 1,500 miles north to Promise, Maine–a place where amazing, unexplainable events are said to occur–like it or not. And when a mysterious envelope arrives, containing a list of things for Cam to do before she dies, she finally learns to believe–in love, in herself, and maybe even in miracles, as improbable as they may seem.

Rating: 3

Sometimes you just need to judge a book by its cover. I picked this one out of all the other library books because the spine was really pretty. Come on, admit it. We’ve all done it at some point.

You can probably tell from the blurb that it’s a cancer story. I don’t like to talk trash about cancer stories because it’s a sensitive topic and people get easily offended by this, so just keep in mind that I’m judging the book as a book not as a cancer story. Like all cancer stories are, The Probability of Miracles was very reflective on the whole world. I really enjoy these kinda books and this one was no exception.

The book really integrated culture into the plot which made it really standout. It really made me think after I read it on my own life and decisions. Seriously, I could not sleep for an hour just because all my thoughts were churning in my head. image

I guess I should talk about the ending. I know I should be feeling really torn up right now, but the ending didn’t really do that. I mean, I was shocked but honestly I saw it coming. Even though I really appreciated the plot line and the culture and the stuff, the connection to the characters wasn’t really there. I respect them and I like them but I just couldn’t imagine being them. The setting of Promise, Maine makes them seem otherworldly, don’t ask me why.

I love the cover even more now because not only does it look FREAKING BEAUTIFUL, it also relates to the book. I realised at the end that they’re flamingo feathers. I had a big “should’ve known that” moment.

So overall, plot yes, characters ok. Should you read it? Well if you’re into The Fault in Our Stars type of story, this book is it. It might not give you all the feels TFIOS did, but it’s quite similar. Also, do it for the cover.


Author: Prima

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