A New Lick of Paint, Breath of Fresh Air and All That


I’ve been thinking about what I can improve on the blog. I think mainly its content because we all know how great I am at posting regularly (heavy sarcasm). I mean, all you bloggers out there get what I mean right? It’s so hard to make good interesting content people will actually read and not just skim over (like you probably will this post). Anyway, this is just a really long winded post to say I’m making my blogging resolutions for 2015 now. Yes, I know it’s November but I feel like I will never make them if I don’t do it now and if shopping centres think its all right to put Christmas decorations up now then it’s ok to make my resolutions.


1. Post opinion filled content

I find myself toning down my reviews a lot but I feel like maybe I shouldn’t. I love it when people openly hate on or fangirl about things so I’m gonna follow their footsteps and start writing exactly what I think. Also, thinking of writing two reviews for each book: one without spoilers and the other with. Don’t know how I’ll do it but I will find a way.

2. Take photos… seriously

I don’t really post photos because I just can’t take pretty book photos but next year I am gonna try to so the posts can be pretty. Any tips on book photo taking?

3. Improve the site design

Ok, I did sort of cheat and do this one before writing this post but now I can say my blog is fabulous. Well on a desktop view at least. But, let’s face it, mobile view is not for pretty.

4. Actually read more books for reviews

No explanation needed.

and finally 5. Post regularly

Probably what is most important in blogging.


Author: Prima @ Panda Hearts Books

Lover of books, rom coms and chocolate. I also spend way too much time on the internet.

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