The Dark World by Cara Lynn Shultz

The Dark World (Dark World, #1)Series? Dark World #1
Published? 27th May 2014
And by who? Harlequin Teen
Other books by the author? The Spellbound series: Spellbound, Spellcaster

The Gist:
So everyone thinks Paige Kelly is crazy. Even she thinks she is. I mean, her best friend is a ghost so that makes sense. But then this fire demon girl attacks her and this whole new world opens up. What is that world called? The Dark World… DUN DUN DUUUUNNN

A war between demons and warlocks (never thought I’d say that) is going on in The Dark World for the throne and Paige is the bargaining chip that can tip the odds.

The Review: 

I thought I might try a new style of reviewing today. I love making lists and I know most of you probably can’t be bothered to read my rambling so here’s my yes and no review.

Yes to

  • Adorable romantic interest – Logan was such a cutie. He’s shy and just so adorable but he’s also really confident and just plain awesome at times. I found this random gif (on the left) which is technically how I picture him.
  • Awesome demon friends – Ajax kinda seems like Adrian but that might just be my Silver Shadows fangirl talking. Either way, he’s pretty cool.
  • Lived in characters – I’ve read the author’s Spellbound series and it had really great, funny characters and breezy conversations. The Dark World is no different with all the sarcasm flying around.

No to

  • Lived in characters – “What? Didn’t you just say you like the characters?” Well, it’s a love hate relationship. I love their casualness but I hate how they’re so similar to the ones from Spellbound.
  • Sudden love – As cute as Paige and Logan were, I’m gonna have to say that they just happened out of nowhere. Like one minute, they’re becoming friends and then the next, they’re a couple

A BIG no to

  • That cover – It’s got nothing to do with the quality of the book, but I have to say it. WHAT DOES THAT COVER HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING IN THE BOOK? Please stop with the models TT.TT




Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

2 thoughts on “The Dark World by Cara Lynn Shultz”

  1. Aw, my co-blogger really adored Logan as well! 😀 It totally SUCKS when the cover’s unrelated to the cover. I would love models in dresses, but only if they actually appear in the scenes from the book!


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