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So recently, the Fallen movie has been brought to my attention by Punk Farie (check out her awesome blog here!). The first time I heard about it was through Twitter. I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw some stuff about the Fallen movie. I was filled with such disbelief that I’m gonna write a rant about this. The backstory: there is a book called Fallen by Lauren Kate. There is a love triangle, angels and some past life stuff. Would I like it to be turned into a movie? Well, it wouldn’t be my first choice or anywhere on my book to movie list to be honest. I’ve come to think of book to movie adaptations as fitting into three categories:

  • The Twilight Movies
  • The Hunger Games Wannabes
  • The Percy Jacksons

Fallen definitely fits into the Twilight category. If you take out the angels and the past life crap it’s the exact same. You have a weak, damsel in distress female lead who we’re gonna have to pretend is somehow even part of the plot and a love triangle which is technically all Twilight is about. I think I am so annoyed by this because I feel like the movie companies are just like “Ok! Twilight was successful so let’s make another… but make it seem like it’s not a ripoff”. I know how these movies are gonna be. Boring, lifeless characters in a semi to non exciting world. And I will be like:

However, I will still watch it which might surprise a few of you. Why will I watch it? Because it’s probably gonna be so bad it’s funny and come on, comedy movies are the best.

Now onto the Hunger Games wannabes. What is a great example of this? Oh I wonder what it… Divergent. I know it’s not a bad movie but it’s definitely not an awesome one. It felt like it was trying to imitate Hunger Games in it’s atmosphere and message but it really doesn’t bring it across. The actors were great but I had a big problem with the editing. It was cut so fast you don’t what’s happening.  And then there was the teen pop music which was… ugh. I was sitting in the cinema, literally going “Stop the Ellie Goulding!!!”.

Then lastly, there’s the really crappy ones that fail as a movie and as a book adaptation aka The Percy Jacksons. I remember watching Percy Jackson the first time and just laughing so hard at how bad it was. The script was horrible, the fighting scenes were just too choreographed and they didn’t stick to the book. How hard is it to read the book and make the plot for the movie EXACTLY the same?? Somehow, they turned Percy Jackson into a kids movie. I can’t even say anything good about it… even the actors were crap and I know they’re not bad actors.

This happened with The Host as well. Yeah, remember that movie, guys? That horrible movie that put way too much emphasis on the love triangle. Seriously, I’m gonna have to write a letter to them…FREAKING LOVE TRIANGLES.


The one I can’t really fit into a category is Vampire Academy. I’ve thought about it a lot and, while it was a pretty bad movie, I kind of enjoyed it. I think I might be a little biased towards it because I loved the books.

So I’d love to hear your thoughts on book adaptations. What is your favourite one? What is your least favourite one? And why do you think book adaptations are never as good as the actual books? Comment down below!


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

11 thoughts on “Book to Movies”

  1. the Percy Jackson movie enrages me so much that i can’t even let my kids watch it. hahaha. I’m so going to watch Fallen because it’s going to be so hilariously bad.

    Also, I don’t know how I feel about VA. It wasn’t good but I still kinda liked it? It was a fun bad.

    Thanks for the shout out! =D


  2. oh jeez, the mortal instruments was pretty bad, like seriously, simon didn’t turn into a rat, and the completely left out renwick’s and put the portal and jocelyn in some place in the institute. and they left out characters too


    1. OMG HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN CITY OF BONES??? It was definitely like Percy Jackson in how it stuck to nothing of the book. And that last scene was like what the hell?? Snowing indoors????


      1. ikr? like the portal was a mirror and he shattered it, he didn’t make the water/pond/lake thingy explode and make it a WIINNNTTEEEERRRRR WONDERRRLAAAANDDD


  3. I feel like it’s less about the story now and more about the popularity of a book/series. Some books lend themselves to the big screen, and others are successful because they’re rhe written word.

    The thing is, all us eager bever bookish types will go along to a film adaptation because we want to see how right/wrong it is.. and that’s why they’ll keep grabbing up any popular YA and quickly shove a few teen actors in front of a camera lest the hype disappear..

    Films can never be as good as books because of the detail.. and how you almost become the characters when you read them. There’s a certain detachment about a film.

    Phew! Rant over :p


    1. LOL XD I always miss the character’s thoughts in movies. We never get them as clearly as in books. I guess it makes sense that film companies would want a popular series over a good plot because popularity sells. It sort of makes us think how these crappy plot books are popular though… but most of the time the plot is good and then the movie’s plot is bad?? How does that work out?


  4. I’m slowly giving up on these fantasy book to movie adaptations, they are all so disappointing… 😦
    It still baffles me that the Fallen movie is happening though. If even the most popular stuff like TMI/VA flopped, what makes producers think people want to see this one? I pretty much put the first book down halfway through, and haven’t felt the urge to pick it up since.
    I’m still going to watch the movie at some point though, simply because the filming took place (I don’t know if it’s finished yet) here in Hungary, and I’m plain curious about how it’s going to look.
    But I’m not sure this movie is going to fall into the ‘so bad it’s going to be fun’ category. From what I remember about the book (and it’s been years so I might be mistaken) none of the characters were even remotely interesting/funny so I’m afraid it’s just going to boring…
    The only thing I distinctly remember about it is the Luce/Daniel first meeting, when Daniel flips her off. Just how you want to meet your eternal soulmate, right? The whole thing pretty much lost me after that…


    1. I’m totally with you on that… I don’t consider Fallen as a popular book and I’m very confused on why they’d pick it up. The book is actually pretty bland in plot and characters. They’re describing Luce as “strong willed” and I have no idea where they got that from. Not looking forward to that first meeting either… it’s kinda reminiscent of the Twilight first meeting where Edward is kinda a weirdo.


  5. Yeah i’ve been let down by movie adaptions so often that i just don’t care enough anymore. I only realy like the hunger games movies because i think they lend themselves to goreat to film and have actually been done justice. Divergent didn’t do it for me and VA was so hilarouis bad i just wanted to die right there and then in the movie theatre.
    I don’t understand why Fallen is being made into a movie. i can’t see ANYONE taking that one serouisly. i only liked the first two books in the series to be honest, the rest were just annoying and neverending. I can’t see it working as a film series. I mean…it’s angels. How can take that seoruisly? i don’t know.


    1. I agree that Hunger Games were so good as a movie just cuz they stuck to the plot. So many adaptations now just play up the romance and hope that teens will just eat it up.
      As for the Fallen series, the third book tried so hard to be what it wasn’t. It wanted to be a Doctor Who with romance and it just didn’t work. And yeah, I can’t see angels working on the big screen. I just imagine really cheesy angel wings XD


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