Review: Half Bad by Sally Green

Half BadHalf Bad 
Sally Green
Half Life Trilogy #1
Published March 2014

Read This: It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s kinda like a darker toned Harry Potter.

I’m really torn about this book. One half of me loves it and the other half is pointing out all the things that was wrong with it. I can’t really say that is was really fun to read but it wasn’t boring. Well, I guess I’ll do a Pros and Cons list.

Pro: It has a really unique world. We don’t often see witches in YA right now so this is a welcome change from the vampire craze. It was really fascinating to see the Council’s letters and the way they sorted Half Codes, as the mixed witches were called.

Con: It doesn’t feature magic much, surprisingly. You’d think a book on witches would actually have more magic than it actually did. We sort of get glimpses of what type of gifts there are but they’re never actually shown, except for Nathan’s healing.

Pro: I really liked how the author told the story. It was really different and really gave the book much more mystery and suspence. However…

Con: The beginning was so slow because of the writing style. I really struggled to keep reading because nothing about the intro made any sense. There’s no explanation of the world and the way the beginning chapters are formatted were really annoying.

Pro: The book really shines a light on good and bad. It makes us ask ourselves if the White Witches are good because they are killing bad people. Half Bad was really stunning in how it showed the good people as bad. It’s mostly because Nathan is our MC, which gives us a new perspective.

Would I read the sequel? I’m drawn into this world so much and I can’t wait to read the next one.




Author: Prima

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