Books for Teen Wolf Fans

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Ok, so I thought of what movie/tv show I really liked and Teen Wolf just popped into my mind. I’ve just binge watched season 2 and 3b (THE ENDING!!!) and I really liked it but not just for one reason. I think each of these books have an element of Teen Wolf in it. Really this is an excuse to find awesome gifs like this one:

Really Cool, Original Mythology – Percy Jackson Series, Rick Riordan

Teen Wolf has a really interesting mythology going for it and there are a lot of rules. The only book I could think of with such mythology was Percy Jackson. They both have really cute humour too.

Creepy Feel – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Michelle Hodkins/ Half Bad, Sally Green

The show really creeps me out to the point I can’t get to sleep. When I thought of books, Mara Dyer popped into my mind immediately. It’s got that dark tone with the touches of humour that Teen Wolf does so well. Half Bad also does the dark but there’s not much humour and lightness.

Detective Mystery Solving – The Nightmare Affair, Mindee Arnett

Nightmare Affair is definitely more girly but they’ve both got the little detective agency. I mean Stiles and his dad are so cool as detectives.

Forbidden Love – Silver, Talia Vance


So if you really liked Scott and Allison’s relationship, Silver has the same hunter/ supernatural being kind of relationship.

Full of Hot Guys – Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead

Because the Moroi are technically hot.

And last but probably the most awesomest:

The Cool Sidekick – Iko in Scarlet, Marissa Meyer

This one was really hard because, really, no one can be as cool as Dylan O Brien as Stiles.I mean check out the bottom frame of the gif.

And this

And this

Anyways, so there’s my books for Teen Wolf fans. And any of you fans out there, I’d love to hear what you thought of Season 3b. Are you going through withdrawal as well? We will stay strong until it returns in June.


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

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