Review: The Nightmare Dilemma by Mindee Arnett

The Nightmare Dilemma (The Arkwell Academy, #2)The Nightmare Dilemma
Mindee Arnett
The Arkwell Academy #2
Published March 2014

Read This: You like detective/ sleuthing? You also like paranormal? This is a book for you.
Movie Adaptation? I want to see more of these kind of books being turned into movies. It’s light, fluffy with a touch of paranormal and good plot.

I know the first one was a so- so kind of book but this one was pretty amazing. I really enjoy reading about this world. It’s got funny little quirks like the technology having a personality and all the different types of magickind. It just makes for an overall good read.

Side note: I’m really loving that over because not only is it quite pretty and has no models, it also has a lot of meaning from the plot which is always good. It’s got that silhouette effect and that border just makes it seem like we’re looking through a window.

The Nightmare Dilemma is kind of like a paranormal Nancy Drew sort of thing. We have our little sleuthing crew (who have named themselves Dream Team…pretty awesome guys) of Dusty, Eli and Selene. I mentioned in the first book’ review that the plot was really one tracked but this book really improved on that by adding the romance and all the things happening outside the main character’s world. I think I really liked Nightmare Dilemma because it managed to tie all the things happening into the plot which I found really interesting.

I am in love with this world. It’s probably because it has technology in it with the magic. When you think about it, technology and magic don’t really mix well. Harry Potter’s magical world was like living in 19th century with all the gas lamps and no phones or anything. Percy Jackson has a no phone world. What I love about the Nightmare Dilemma’s world is that it’s so integrated with the modern. I really enjoyed seeing all the funny furniture and technology, especially the scenes with Selene and her chair that adores her.

The series is really good at having really cute moments and then switching to serious, dark moments. It makes the book really exciting to read because you don’t know what to expect next.

Would I read the sequel?  I need to find out what happens with Dusty and Eli… THEY WILL GET TOGETHER (or if they don’t I’ll pretend they did)!

Rating: 4/5 bamboo sticks

The Arkwell Academy Series:

The Nightmare Affair


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