Flashback: Black City by Elizabeth Richards

I’ve been meaning to re-read a couple of books  and I thought why not mini review them as well? These flashback reviews probably will have 3 standout points then probably some parts in the book that really impressed me second time round. Yes, that means slight spoilers.

Black City (Black City, #1)Black City
Elizabeth Richards
Black City #1
November 2012
Originally read February 2013

Read This: If you’re looking for a book with great world building, great plot and great characters (that should be you)

I kind of this book as a Hunger Games with Twilight minus love triangles plus human/vampire segregation. See that last one was what made this book really stand out for me. It’s not an uncommon theme in YA but it’s not exactly the most popular. Mixed in with the secrets in this world, it was a powerful combination.

The author chose to write this book in 2 POVs: Natalie and Ash. I thought that was pretty bold for a first book because we don’t know any of these characters so we might’ve hated one and loved the other but because we only liked one, the story would be affected. Thankfully though, both of them were great characters. They’re really fleshed out and we can really sympathise with them. Actually, would it be too much to say all of these characters in this book are great. We get their emotions really clearly and it makes the book more rich.

Finally, onto the world building. I think it’s one of those books where you can re-read it and be even more impressed. The first time is for the story and the second time you get the details. A great example of this was when Ash saw the black ash falling from the sky and said it was like snow which just gave me that beautiful image. I think it would be great as a movie (hint hint :D) Not only that, but the message it gives is pretty powerful as well.

Rating: 5/5 bamboo sticks  – I’m actually not surprised it scored 5 again. It’s amazing and it deserves it.


Impressive Bits (spoilers up ahead)

I said before: that imagery of the black ash falling like snow. That and the mythology in this book. I loved how she integrated the Bastets into it. We get to know a bit about them in the museum and this info is actually used in the plot. And the thing about the second heart… that was used really well.


Author: Prima

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2 thoughts on “Flashback: Black City by Elizabeth Richards”

  1. I LOVE this book so much when i read it last year. the second heart thing was used perfectly like you mentioned and i completely FELL for this couple LOL


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