Review: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)Anna Dressed in Blood
Kendare Blake
Anna #1
September 2011

Read this: People who like to scare themselves so they can’t sleep at night
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That was freaking terrifying… let’s relive it. So I picked this up thinking, ” This isn’t gonna be scary”. Yeah, wrong idea.

Anna Dressed in Blood is probably one of the most bloody, gory and creepy story I have ever read. The author uses really great description to give us these vivid images. She’s not scared to scare people. I totally appreciate that. Well my reader side does. My trying to sleep self is regretting reading it.

The characters were really interesting. Our MC is sixteen year old Cas who’s seeking revenge for his father’s death. His little group includes a voodoo guy and his grandpa, the popular girl and his witch mum. I know, what you’re thinking. ” That’s kind of cliched, Prima”. It is kind of cliched but somehow the author just shapes all these characters into really original ones. Even the suporting characters were fleshed out well. I really enjoyed reading about Thomas who was the voodoo guy. He gave off a Nico Di Angelo kind of feel. You know that creepy, dark but still giving off a likeable feel? Percy Jackson fans, you should totally get me.

The plot was pretty original too. Well, I’ve only read a few ghost books…Meg Cabot – Mediator series… yeah the difference. I really liked the idea of ghost hunting being a family thing. I mean we have vampire hunters, witch hunters even freaking demon hunters. Then the mystery was used really well in this book. The author keeps us thinking that maybe Anna is a bad ghost and that she terrorises the whole town. There hasn’t been this much suspense since The Maze Runner.

Let me address the one thing I didn’t like: the romance. I felt it was unnecessary in this story. That’s pretty weird because I’m usually obsessed with romance. Seriously, me not liking romance… this doesn’t happen. The obligatory teen romance between our mains felt just shoved in there because all cool YA books have romance. I wasn’t hating the romance, but I didn’t love it. But hey, when everything else is good, I can live with it.

Rating: 5/5 bamboo sticks



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Author: Prima

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7 thoughts on “Review: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake”

  1. I listened to the audio of this one – haven’t finished it I’m sorry to say – and oh wow… I had to turn it off at some points because I was getting FREAKED OUT! I really need to finish this one up because I was oh so close to being done. I agree with you about the romance though. It was weird and very unnecessary. Otherwise, great book.


  2. I’m really looking forward to reading this book. And you confirm everything that I’m excited about.. I want to be spooked by it! Heh heh.

    Great review here. Really neat job!



  3. I only just realized you rate your books in bamboo sticks. OMG how utterly original and awesome! I have a copy of this book on my kindle but haven’t taken the time to read it yet 😦 I’m glad you liked it and will have to make time to read it then! Great review
    Lily 🙂


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