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Ever since I started blogging and reviewing last year, I’ve become very critical of books. There’s always something wrong with a book nowadays. That got me thinking. How do I rate my books then? I figure I must have some kind of “perfect book” in my mind. And then I thought, what things would that perfect book have? Well, I came up with 4 things:

  • Strong, smart female character/s
  • Good writing (not good plot as I will discuss below)
  • Humour/ sarcasm

That last one, on deeper thought, turns out to be a really important one for me. I tend to read the plot and if I can’t feel any couple going on in it, I probably won’t read it. I know, it’s a really bad habit but I’m a hardcore chick flick lover so is it any surprise?

Good writing was almost replaced by good plot. But I figure if the author has an interesting way of telling things, then they can make anything sound good, even the most cliched plots. If the plot sounded good and the writing is bad, that’s just a letdown. So I would choose good writing over good plot. Humour and sarcasm ties into this.

So after all that blabbering, you’re probably wondering what my perfect book is. Well, the closest to perfect book. I can easily say it’s The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead. I know some people might think it’s nothing that good. It’s not an amazing futuristic setting or a unique plot but for me it checks of all of the points on my list. It’s got the smart Sydney, great funny writing and lots of romance. Plus it’s got Adrian, and that just blows everything else out of the water.

Anyways, I’d love to hear what your checklist for a perfect book would be and if you have read something almost perfect.


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Book”

  1. I think the main things that are in my check-list for the perfect book are:
    – Strong female lead
    – Good world building
    – Great writing
    – Epic romance
    I don’t think that the plot is absolutely something that needs to be absolutely crazy good, because some of my well loved books barely have a plot at all, haha.
    As well as being strong, the female lead has to be LIKEABLE. A book can’t be perfect if I hate the MC, you know?
    World building is essential to me, because I love being able to imagine things clearly. But an author has to be able to write well to build a good world, so I guess those to requirements are kin of intertwined.
    I won’t ditch a book if there’s no romance, but normally I do enjoy a book with romance more than a book without romance. I like heart fluttering, and swooning, and shipping a couple. It’s fun. Romance is fun, especially when it’s written well, and you can really believe in it! 😀


    1. World building was one I didn’t think of… that’s pretty important too. I totally agree that most of my all time favourites have almost no plot and so that’s kind of unimportant. And yes romance is fun 😀


  2. -A strong lead. Male or female.
    -Romance that gradually builds. No insta-love please!
    -Clear, confident writing. Less slang, more concentration.
    -Mega feels. At leaat one awkward/angsty moment that makes my stomach tie itself in knots.

    Character relationships are so important to me in genre fiction (because literary fiction is a whole different kettle of fish!) If I’m not feeling the love, or understanding the emotional response a character has to another then I’m probably going to bail on that book.

    Cool post! 😀


  3. For me it’s a bit like the perfect partner. You can have lists in your head of just what you think the perfect person for you is going to be and then BAM! out of the blue. You meet someone and they’re nothing like you expected and yet they’re perfect for you. Or maybe even just perfect for you for a little while.

    It’s just like that. I have lists in my head of why I think makes a perfect book for me. But then there are times where I read one and it’s just… wow. Currently favourite book (and it’s been my favourite for a while) is the Princess Bride by William Goldman. It doesn’t make sense and I can’t stand the main female character… but it just works for me.


  4. This list is perfect. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve also noticed that I’ve become more critical of books. Basically I need everything you wrote down in your mini list or I will not enjoy a book. Romance is also very important to me, but I’m also really picky with my romances and don’t like any of that cliche stuff. I need to swoon and believe in the romance or the book will immediately fall flat for me. LOL
    God I have a lot of expectations! Oops!


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