ARC Review: Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep

Killer Frost (Mythos Academy, #6)Killer Frost
Jennifer Estep
Mythos Academy # 6 (Final)
February 2014

I’ve gotten pretty attached to this series since I started it last year. And it’s over. I’m still in shock. I’m sad to say goodbye to all these amazing characters and this amazing world but at the same time, I’m happy to see them have a great ending.

Killer Frost was a much better book than Midnight Frost was for me. I can tell you exactly why this book was better. The plot was less diluted and slow in this one. In Midnight Frost, I was just like “Ok something’s gonna happen now. Nope? -turns page- Ok definitely now. NO?!” I still feel that the author could’ve made the series 5 books instead of 6 to give the plot more punch. And use less repetition. I was just so frustrated at the start when Gwen kept repeating what we already know. This is last book, dude! No one would read it unless you’ve read the other 5.

Anyways, onto the good stuff. The plot is awesome. Really it’s the finale, how could it not be? It’s got the blood, it’s got the tension just flowing everywhere, and we’ve got kickass Gwen. She’s as determined as ever to do the job given to her by Nike and she’s really good fighting now which means epic fight scenes. This book really gave me a Harry Potter feel during it’s ending. You know it’s got that epic battle and the moment where all those plot points from the other books come together into one last battle. Ugh I love it!

I just love the characters in this series. They really grow on you because they’re brave, strong and they’re just overall great people. I’ve always felt a bit disconnected from Gwen’s group of friends but in this one there’s a scene which was just heartwarming and really made me like them. Even Nickamedes made me teary in this one. How often can I say that?

If I did have to name a character I didn’t like it would be Gwen. There was a part in the middle where I just thought “Seriously Gwen, you’re being unreasonable!” but other than that she was a great character. And Vic is as witty as always. He’s probably my favourite character from this series. Does a sword even count as a character? And you can even say he’s never dull cuz he’s sharp. Get it? Ok, never making a cheesy joke like that again.

Rating: 4/5 bamboo sticks



Author: Prima

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6 thoughts on “ARC Review: Killer Frost by Jennifer Estep”

  1. Oh, this series is still on the reading list, haven’t even started it yet. Didn’t realize this was the last one, but it’s nice to know it’s not dragged out and has a satisfying conclusion.


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