Cassandra Clare’s Billionth Shadowhunter

Well, as most of you TMI fans probably know, the sixth and final book “City of Heavenly Fire” is coming out next year. Can’t say I’ll be sad to see it finally finish. However, as fans also know, there’s no end in sight to the Shadowhunter world. Cassandra Clare has already scheduled her next series The Dark Artifices to be released in 2015. Now this was my face when I found out about it:


Because 9 books in the same universe aren’t enough! Let me list out the reasons of why she should move on:

1. The world is boring now

When I first read this world, it was amazing. 8 books later, however, it’s losing its charm. Yeah, you might say Infernal Devices was set in a different time period and I accept that. It made the plot more interesting. Lady Midnight is set in THE EXACT SAME TIME PERIOD TMI WAS SET IN. I don’t want to read anymore of the TMI world. Was anyone else just raging at City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls because of that?

2. The characters are clones

Emma Carstairs seems exactly like Jace. Minus the good looks and charm. Take this excerpt for example:

After the blood and violence she witnessed as a child, Emma has dedicated her life to the eradication of demons and being the best, fastest and deadliest Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood.

Yep guys, she is the female version of Jace. She witness death and stuff like that in her childhood just like Jace. She has dedicated her life to killing as many demons as she can just like Jace. She even wants to be just like Jace. 

3. It’s literally the same plot from City of Bones

Forbidden love, crap happening suddenly. Seems familiar? The writing will be the same and heck, maybe even the words. The title already rhymes with Infernal Devices.

Not only that, but she’s planning to release TWO MORE SHADOWHUNTER SERIES. The fourth one TLH will apparently be set in 1903 and the fifth after Lady too many books already. I can already tell you what the TLH stands for. It will have an adjective that overshadows the series plus a noun that’s just a synonym of instruments.

Just step away now. Then no one’s love for City of Bones will be killed.


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

8 thoughts on “Cassandra Clare’s Billionth Shadowhunter”

  1. I agree.. I mean, I can’t blame her from trying to stretch it as out as far as she has.. But sometimes you gotta know when to let go, for your readers sake!!



  2. Agreed completely. And besides the Dark Artifices trilogy, if I heard right she’s planning another titled TLH (no full name) that’s set in the early 20th century and there’s some Infernal Devices crossover with certain character’s descendants or something. Then it won’t just be boring but by that time we won’t be able to keep all the characters straight either…


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