Review: The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Traitor
Call of The Forgotten #2
Julie Kagawa
November 2013

Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Enterprises Australia for the ARC!

It’s not possible to hate someone as much as I hate Keirran right now. Dude, it’s not ok to do whatever to save your beloved, when even she realises you’re kinda insane. Yeah, you’re gonna see a lot about Keirran in this review.

The funny thing about this book is that even though I know Ethan is telling the story, it felt more like he was a bystander watching Keirran in the limelight. It just really shows how Ethan is so useless. He’s got swords, he’s got the scowl but not much storyline. Come on, he can’t just be a tagalong with the Keirran Crew. This is where the differences between the Iron Fey series and The Forgotten series really start to show. I wasn’t Meaghan’s biggest fan, but I stuck with her because she does things. Ethan just watches people doing things. I know I can’t compare human abilities to half fey ones but a strong lead is a must and as tough as Ethan is portrayed, he is not one.

I really liked reading about Keirran in The Lost Prince. He was a really interesting character with his laidback personality and unknown capability of powers. I’ve seen heaps of people say they wish the series was from his POV. He’s been a very strong character in the series and he still is in this book. Kagawa really writes him out well as a conflicted, confused character. In this one, she makes me really hate him, which I love and I hate at the same time. He’s really the star character in the series.

Iron Traitor is even more action packed than the first, jumping head first into the Faery stuff at the start. Some of the original quartet make their comeback here, Puck being his awesome self. A plot with him can never be dull. I love how we get some of the Kerirran/ Annwyl story in here because I’m really curious about their love story. They deserve their own novella or something. But can I just add that it was pretty awkward when they were a quartet because I really felt like I was fifth wheeling on a double date or something. Not that the relationships were bad, but so many couples everywhere makes me uncomfortable.

I really enjoy reading about the world Kagawa has created. In my head, it’s this awesome mix of Harry Potter land, super fancy castles and random items that shouldn’t go together, but just do. I think it’s the world that’s kept me going and where most of my rating has come from. I love the juxtaposition of this beautiful world that filled with half truths, political games and death. They shouldn’t work together but under the laws of Faery, they somehow do. There was this scene where the goblin markets and a normal street were described and it was like the best mind picture ever. One day I’m gonna draw this out… if I can ever sketch anything decently.


Rating: 3/5 bamboo sticks


Author: Prima

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