Just a Status Check: Studies and Stories

status check

Finally started House of Hades! So far it’s been the awesome Rick Riordan stuff that I love… well the Annabeth/ Percy bits are. And the Leo/Frank bits… the Hazel bits too.. yeah so everyone except Piper and Jason are awesome to me right now. I’m up to pg 158 which is about a third in. Fingers crossed I’ll finish it by next week 😀

A book I’ll definitely have to finish is The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa. I’m about a third into it as well. It’s good so far but I’ve just haven’t had enough time to be fully involved in the world. Will definitely finish it tomorrow though.

Still haven’t found a copy of Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken. Desperate for one. Guys who’ve read it, is it any good? Is it really good? Please don’t tell me its bad…

I realised Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter came out last month. Just re-read Alice in Zombieland to get in touch with the zombie world again. This is one of my maybe reads because 1. The first book was ok and 2. What is up with the cover? Her face looks so plastic. OH! Maybe she turns into a zombie? Or gets plastic surgery? Am I close?




Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

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