Review: Near and Far by Nicole Williams

Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2)Near and Far
Nicole Williams
Lost and Found #2

Garth is awesome. Full stop.

So around chapter 24, I kind of became a Garth Black Fan. He was the most amazing character there even though he was such a pain in the butt in Lost and Found. I was literally cheering him on out loud for his cupidness. That’s how cool he was. I hear the next book is all about him. And I have a copy of Finders Keepers. Yes 😀

The low points in the book was Rowan’s POV. Jesse just got all the good plot while Rowan just became this annoying, selfish thing. All she thinks about is her, her, her. All while Jesse is thinking also about her, her, her. She totally doesn’t deserve him. I’m sorry but I just can’t see what Jesse sees in her. She was that character that was totally useless. You know, that character you just want to yell at. Usually, it’s ok BUT she was an MC. No, that just won’t work.

You know what else didn’t work for me? The story itself. I might have loved the characters but the story is kind of so-so for me. It’s somewhere between teenage fluff to depressing melodrama. Rowan’s story just seemed really bland. Something was missing in Near and Far that the first one had- maybe it was Rowan’s awesomeness. Scratch that, it definitely was. Jesse’s plotline was really intense on the other hand and I couldn’t wait to get back to him.

Songs don’t normally pop into my head while reading but for this one it was Taylor Swift’s Sparks Fly. It’s got a country vibe (sorta) and the lyrics fit the plot perfectly from “Drop everything now” to “Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain”. Ah, it’s just so perfect. I literally saw that last scene as that cheesy chick flick ending with Sparks Fly blaring in the background as we pan out from the happy couple.

So I’m kind of spilt between the two storylines because I really enjoyed one and really hated the other. Overall though, I guess it’s decent.

Rating: 3/5 bamboo sticks


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