Happy Hour: Chick Flicks

happy hour

For those days where you don’t know what to post about your main topic, here’s my new weekly meme Happy Hour right here at panda hearts books. What’s it about? Anything that has made your week better or maybe worse. A song that’s stuck in your head, an awesome video you watched, something cool that happened this week. Post anytime about anything.Β Link back to panda hearts books and post a link to your post in the comments. Have fun πŸ˜€

This week’s Happy Hour:

The Cutting Edge (1992) PosterChick flicks. What would I do without them. I have a soft spot for chick flicks, especially the sporty ones (probably to compensate for my lack of sportiness). I recently watched The Cutting Edge which came out in 1992. I’m still in that movie mourning phase. I’ve watched the sequels for it but the first one definitely trumps all the rest. It was funny, the characters were awesome and the coach was tough but still adorable. My favourite quote from the movie was definitely this one:

Anton: So, we have little problem?

-no reply-

Anton: Good, we skip little problem.

You go, dude. He was too cool. Anyway, I’d love to know what your favourite chick flicks are πŸ˜€


Author: Prima @ Panda Hearts Books

Lover of books, rom coms and chocolate. I also spend way too much time on the internet.

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