Review: Hover by Melissa West

Hover (The Taking, #2)


Melissa Meyer

The Taking #2

Entangled Teen


What did I just read? Was it real? This was me right after I finished reading:

What do I do now? What can I do now? Wait, when does the next book come out? (searches up Collide on Goodreads) 2014? WHAT WHAT WHAT? WHAT NOT EVEN A EXACT PUBLICATION DATE?

As you probably have guessed, I loved Hover. The plot, the characters, Jackson, the world, JACKSON, they all made reading it so exciting. It continues around 2 weeks after the end of Gravity with Ari, our MC, just getting to know her new home, Loge. Of course, being the firecracker she is, things start getting interesting with rebellions, romance and a bad guy who shares a name with the Greek god of gods. Seriously if that doesn’t tell you he’s crazy/ arrogant/ controlling, I don’t know what will.

I really liked reading from Ari’s POV because she’s kind of like Rose from Vampire Academy for me. I probably wouldn’t be half as brave and strong as she is but I like that she takes action instead of sitting around. However, Ari didn’t grab my attention as much as the other characters. I was in love with Emmy and Mami by the end. They were really sweet and caring and really just the best people ever. Jackson is a hot as ever but I did get frustrated with his secrecy and his noble intentions. Just let it out! Be free! But that’s probably not the best idea living as Zeus’ grandson.

Now onto the bad stuff. Sadly, it wasn’t a perfect book. It’s really no surprise that they want to assassinate Zeus. I didn’t expect it to come so early in but even from the start, I knew it was a flawed plan. Everytime they discussed their plan, I was reading it going “NO DON’T DO THAT! HE COULD BE LISTENING!” Yes, that might sound paranoid but Jackson and all the other ancients stressed a lot about how Zeus can listen to any conversation. And yet they don’t talk in some secret room. Maybe the next time you’re walking up to kill someone, you should remember that that someone has a mind reading implant. On that thought, I had a really big problem with the mind reading things. It seems they can pick up emotions and stress levels but after the first few chapters, suddenly they’re not there or don’t work. It’s implanted in their minds. It doesn’t just go away after a few weeks.

Other than a few things that I just couldn’t like, Hover was amazing. The book ends on a cliffhanger so for those who can’t take them wait for the next book, Collide, to come out, then read Hover. Me? Well, I’m just going to be stalking every single site I can find for excerpts.


Rating: 4.5 bamboo sticks



Author: Prima

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