City of Bones Movie – My Thoughts

So this post might have a few minor spoilers for those who haven’t read the series, but for those who have, it shouldn’t be to much spoiling.

I was really excited for this movie to come out, and here it is! So my thoughts. First word that comes to mind? Cheesy. Extremely cheesy. It tried so hard to be the next Harry Potter that it lost half its storyline impact and character development. I’m not really disappointed but I just thought it could be better. I was expecting to be sad because of the actors but it was the other aspects that let me down

Mostly, I didn’t like the movie because of the behind the scene work such as the sets and the story. Technically, there was only 3 sets: the apartments, the institute and the city of bones. The last two looked really fake and I just can’t get over that. I mean, the institute would not have a gate that said institute on it. They’re more discreet than that!

The movie followed the book’s story roughly with a few minor changes. Unfortunately, I really looked forward to the things they changed. The plot, I felt, moved too quick and only focused on the cool action scenes and the CGI monsters. The movie had a lot of humour though, which did save it from being a boring row of fights.

I think the music deserves a whole different paragraph for itself and not because it’s good. Whoever did the music must have not felt the mood of the movie at all. It tried to control the feeling of the scenes, not lightly emphasise it. Techno music in the hotel fighting scene? No, just no. It made it cheesy. However, I did listen to the soundtrack after the movie and I have to say, Demi Lovato’s ‘Heart By Heart’ is really good. and the greenhouse kissing scene in which it starts randomly raining to make it the most cliched kiss of all time.
matched the scene perfectly in tone and feel. But I still think Raining in the Greenhouse (Forgot the Sprinkler Times/ Simon is jelly) is a much better title XD If you haven’t heard the song:

I loved the actors. I wasn’t too sure about our mains and even right after watching it, I still wasn’t. But now, I’ve thought about it and I really think they did a great job with what little story they had. I didn’t really make a connection with the characters as so little of the story is on character developement. But I loved Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace and I loved Lily Collins as Clary. Can I just saw I also loved Godfrey Gao as Magnus. Who else can pull off wearing short shorts and glittery eyeliner and be a guy :’)

So it might not be the next Harry Potter – there might never be- and it’s not the book, but it’s an ok movie in its own right. Fans of the TMI series might be disappointed but here’s a tip: don’t compare it. The movie is itself and I can respect that.

Rating: 3/5 bamboo sticks


Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

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