Review: A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheeran

I’m back! No not from A Long Long Sleep, just from my 40 Hr Famine of technology 😀

A Long, Long Sleep

It should have been a short suspended-animation sleep. But this time Rose wakes up to find her past is long gone– and her future full of peril.

Rosalinda Fitzroy has been asleep for sixty-two years when she is woken by a kiss. Locked away in the chemically induced slumber of a stasis tube in a forgotten subbasement, sixteen-year-old Rose slept straight through the Dark Times that killed millions and utterly changed the world she knew. Now, her parents and her first love are long gone, and Rose– hailed upon her awakening as the long-lost heir to an interplanetary empire– is thrust alone into a future in which she is viewed as either a freak or a threat. Desperate to put the past behind her and adapt to her new world, Ro

se finds herself drawn to the boy who kissed her awake, hoping that he can help her to start fresh. But when a deadly danger jeopardizes her fragile new existence, Rose must face the ghosts of her past with open eyes– or be left without any future at all

I just love reading fairytale retellings such as the Lunar Chronicles and now, this. I liked most things about the book, From the characters to the plot, they just seemed to naturally work. And all that bundled in that amazing cover. Big heart from me.

I was worried that I would keep comparing the book to the Lunar Chronicles. Surprisingly, I didn’t. The plots might both be based on fairytales but while Cinder was filled with advanced machinery and adventure, A Long Long Sleep focused more on character development. I really liked all the characters except for, unfortunately, our MC. It wasn’t really Rose’s fault, but more because of her knowledge of the world and her parents. I don’t really want to spoil the plot so that’s all I’m going to say.

Onto the plot. Can I just say that I found it really similar to When We Wake by Karen Healy. I didn’t finish that one but after a few chapters in, I started drawing similarities to it:

  1. In Long Long Sleep, Rose is stassed or in more general terms, has been frozen in time. In When We Wake, the MC Tegan is frozen.
  2. In Long Long Sleep, Rose finds out about these flexible laptop thingys that you can sit on and they don’t get ruined. In When We Wake, they have the exact same thing.

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be saying anything, since I haven’t fully read When We Wake, but I just needed to point these things out. The plot overall was really interesting. It did immediately plunge into the future world, which I didn’t like at first. However, after reading the whole thing, I get why the author did that – to reveal the mysteries of Rose’s old life. And from there, it just got better with interplanetary travel concepts and colonisation on other planets. The plot is probably the first one I’ve really liked that romance wasn’t a big factor in, which just means it was really good. I usually can’t get into a book if there isn’t romance. The open ending was a cherry on top. It just worked with the whole plot.

Fans of the Lunar Chronicles should definitely try this out. Or any fairytale loving girl really.

Rating:4.5 bamboo sticks



Author: Prima

Still crazy obsessed with High School Musical and is still disappointed real life high school did not involved as much singing and dancing. Almost 18 but relates to 5 year olds. Super cynical about Disney movies and kdramas but still loves them. Blogs about books and feels.

4 thoughts on “Review: A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheeran”

  1. I’m glad you liked this, and I am glad I didn’t know about the other books you mentioned when I was reading it. I hate comparing novels, because I always end up trying to pick the better one, even thought that’s not fair to either novel.
    Did you know there is going to be a sequel? I am super happy about that, because I felt like this story was so far from finished.
    I must admit my heart kind of broke when she found out what happened to her love (I cannot remember his name – I read this so long ago). I felt so sorry for Rose 😦


    1. I compare books to each other way too often. Then I stop reading it because of that.
      I totally agree that it feels like the story still has more to say. I can’t wait for the sequel! And yes, my heart just broke for her problem. It was just so unfair.


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