What the Heck Was This: Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson

Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed, #1)

16 year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years. She can’t seem to stop herself from closing them down. Kingsley is her last chance to finish high school and the last private school willing to accept her. She is focused on just getting through graduation until she realizes Kingsley is not like the other private schools she’s been to. The students may be different, but so is she. And after meeting Kiran Kendrick, the boy who won’t leave her alone and seems to be the source of all her problems, she is suddenly in a world that feels more make-believe than reality. To top it off, she is being hunted by men who want to kill Kiran and her best friend Lilly is taken away to a foreign prison. Eden finds herself right in the middle of an ancient war, threatening everything she loves. She alone has to find a way to save her best friend and the boy who has captivated her heart. Reckless Magic is an intricate story about mystery, adventure, magic and forbidden love. Eden Matthews is an unlikely heroine determined to save the world and be with her one, true love before it’s too late.

So what did I think of this book? The post’s title says it all. Reckless Magic was just full of annoying characters, bad plotline and tried too hard to keep us in the dark.

Let’s start with the best part of this book…. Ok there’s none I can think of so let’s go to complaint #1: the magic. Or what how little magic was actually used. This book should have been called What Reckless Magic because magic did not play a big part in the story. The blurb hooks us in with the promise of a magical romance and adventure but it’s mostly a teenage drama. For me, Eden spends too much of her time fretting about her beloved Kiran rather then kicking butts with her new found powers. But, to be fair, she wasn’t given much of a story in the first place which leads us to the plot.

So Eden starts at a school where everyone has magical powers. Then her friend gets kidnapped and what does Eden do? Absolutely nothing until the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE. In the meantime she frolicks around with her new friend Avalon and worries about her hot cold relationship with Kiran, who- wait for it- turns out to be the freaking prince of the magic world. No way! I didn’t see that coming at all… even if his friend cough bodyguard cough Talbott is really protective and sticks by his side everywhere he goes. Obvious much?

The issue I have with Eden is how quickly she accepts things like how she’s a super powerful witch or she has a twin brother she has never seen in her life. Seriously, she’s just like “Yeah alright I have a twin”. If I were her, I probably would be shocked at finding out I have a twin brother. Dunno, maybe that’s just me? No? Yeah I didn’t think so. And how can you not recognise your own features on someone else’s face? HOW?

The plot at the end was especially gruelling when Eden is battered, dirty and a mess and she doesn’t use her magic at all to, I don’t know, maybe CLEAN HERSELF UP. Since she’s such a natural witch why can’t she do an of these things?

And this finds us at the characters section of this review. Well I only have one character to complain about. Eden. How can I even begin? She is a really annoying, whiny girl who doesn’t see what’s in front of her. Also, she’s so thick headed that she doesn’t realise anything. Like how Kiran is Prince Kiran and how the dreams are really dream walks. Seriously, haven’t you read Vampire Academy, girl? She’s probably why I hated the book so much because she’s a lame MC. This book would have been pretty decent if the MC wasn’t her. The other characters were pretty unmemorable except for Kiran and that’s only because his aqua blue eyes were described a million times during the story.

So after finishing the book, I still have no idea why the plot happens like it does, how the universe acts like it does and why Eden is so whiny and pathetic. The end.

Rating: 1/5 bamboo sticks

Got any thoughts on this book or review? Maybe you want to rage about it too? Leave a comment below!


Author: Prima

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