Review: Stealing Parker (Hundred Oaks #2) by Miranda Kenneally


If Catching Jordan was the cute little sister then Stealing Parker would have to be her cool big sister. As I said before, I don’t normally read books based on relationships but the Hundred Oaks series has just blown my mind. They are just so good.

Parker Shelton is a softball star, valedictorian etc. etc. But that all changes when her mum announces that she’s lesbian. Parker’s life falls apart from there. Her brother who is ‘perfect’ starts taking drugs and drinking. Her father immerses himself in a church who shuns them. Her best friend turns on her saying that she’ll follow her mum and become a ‘butch softball player’. 

I love how the author has made Stealing Parker in a similar format to Catching Jordan. There’s the countdown for Parker’s 18th birthday and my favourite parts: her letters to God. In these letters, Parker writes her innermost feelings and then usually burns them. At first I thought she burned them to destroy but, after she tells a story, I think she burns them so it stays between her and God. These letters were so touching and some even made me teary. These were definitely the parts of the book I enjoyed the most, just like the poems were in Catching Jordan.

As always, I loved the main character. Parker hadn’t gotten the smoothest of lives but she was a strong girl who tries her best to get through it all by losing weight, being more concerned about her appearance and hanging out with a lot of guys. She was also really relatable at times like when she friend requests her crush and gets excited when he accepts the request. I mean, come on who hasn’t done that?

I have to say the transitions of friend to boyfriend in this book was really smooth. The author has this way of making love bloom throughout the whole book, but only bringing it out into the light at the end. Its really nice to see that not all books suffer from instalove syndrome, so thank you Hundred Oaks series, for showing me that. And the plot was really, really good. Just like its little sister, this book has a twist on the normal I love the hot guy then we get married story and that is awesome.

Jordan and Henry were back in this book as well. Henry was as funny as ever (“I want to have your babies, Coach Hoffman!”…. Sam says that to pretty much everyone these days, so if he were being truthful, he’d have like eleven billion babies by now.) and Jordan was just as badass (She dresses up as a gladiator for prom :D). We get to see them be a couple in this book and they are so adorable :3 Can’t they have another book all about them?

If you haven’t read the series, I think you seriously should. They are full of heart, gain and loss and love. I enjoyed Stealing Parker even more than Catching Jordan and I think you will too.

Rating: 5/5 bamboo sticks – Panda is full and will take a nap now

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Author: Prima

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